NEPAD Council Moving Forward

The NEPAD Council is currently welcoming new applications for membership. If you are interested, please connect with us via our LinkedIn group (yPAD –Young Professionals for African Development).

After seven years of serving as NEPAD Council Secretary General, Dr. Adesina Iluyemi has stepped aside, along with other Board members (Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo and Dr. James Kajete), in order to make way for a new generation of leadership.

Interim Board

An interim board has been constituted to chart a new direction for the Council. The board members include Dr. Simon Adebola (US/Nigeria), Maureen Adel (UK/Kenya), Dr. Lawal Bakare (Nigeria), Miles Mudzviti (UK/Zimbabwe) and Marilyne Abony (Togo/France/UK).

Interim Advisory Board

Dr. Iluyemi, Dr. Dhliwayo and Dr. Kajete will continue to serve as the Interim Advisory Board; their role will be to guide the Interim Board in charting a new direction for the council, over the next two months.

NEPAD Council looks forward to working together with our members and our partners on Africa’s development.

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