Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

NEPAD provides an historic opportunity to overcome obstacles to development in Africa. Our contribution to the initiative is the creation of NEPAD Council, designed to encourage the imaginative effort that underlies the NEPAD and to lay a solid foundation for future cooperation and sustainable development.

Nigeria AboutThe case for action is compelling. Despite its great potential and human resources, Africa continues to face some of the world’s greatest challenges. The many initiatives designed to spur Africa’s development have failed to deliver sustained improvements to the lives of women, men and children throughout Africa.

NEPAD Council offers something different. It is, first and foremost, a common vision shared by African professionals to support and promote the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.

Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make progress on our common goals of eradicating extreme poverty and achieving sustainable development. NEPAD Council will support African leaders’ efforts to encourage public engagement in the NEPAD and will consult with NEPAD members on how we can best assist their efforts. NEPAD Council will be committed to mobilize and energize global action, marshal resources and expertise, and provide impetus in support of NEPAD’s objectives. As NEPAD’s partner, NEPAD Council will undertake mutually reinforcing actions to help Africa accelerate growth and make lasting gains against poverty.

Slider 3 MadagascarThe Agenda of NEPAD Council will focus on a limited number of priority areas where, collectively and individually, we can add value. NEPAD Council will focus particular attention on enhanced-partnership countries. It will also work with countries that do not yet meet the standards of NEPAD but which are clearly committed to and working towards its implementation.

The main objectives of NEPAD Council include:

  1. Support the new partnership for Africa’s Development
  2. Support African leaders’ efforts to encourage public engagement in NEPAD strategies and projects
  3. Assist the Steering Committee and NEPAD
  4. Secretariat in the implementation of NEPAD projects
  5. Collaborate with NEPAD to undertake mutually reinforcing actions to help accelerate growth and make long-lasting gains against poverty
  6. Encourage Africans in the Diaspora to actively participate in all efforts aimed at developing Africa

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