NEPAD Council addresses its programs through commissions coordinated by the VP of commissions. Depending on necessity, commissions are formed to address several issues and problems affecting the African continent. NEPAD Council’s commissions are headed by Chairpersons responsible for the day to day commission activities including looking for capable members of the respective commissions.

NEPAD Council currently has the following commissions:

Education and Research

young-african-man-smiling-in-library (1)This commission will work to strengthen African universities; support African countries in their efforts to improve the quality of education at all levels; encourage and support efforts to ensure equal access to education by women and girls. This commission will also be responsible for organizing and supporting scientific and technical conferences in Africa.

Science, Technology and ICT


This commission will initiate and recommend the development of modern telecommunication networks in Africa; help Africa make more effective use of information technology in the context of promoting sustainable economic, social and political development.


Socio-Economic Development, Investments and Trade


The commission of Socio-Economic Development and Trade will work to foster trade, investment, economic growth and sustainable development by helping Africa attract investment, both from within Africa and from abroad, implementing policies conducive to economic growth, and improving the quality of support for trade-related technical assistance and capacity-building in Africa. The commission will also provide technical assistance to develop socio-economic projects that will reduce poverty and enhance growth.

Global Health and Technology


The commission of Global Health will work to improve global health in Africa by supporting African efforts to build sustainable health systems to deliver effective disease interventions and helping Africa combat global epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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