Call for New Council Members

Over the last 7 years, NEPAD Council has worked to mobilize, marshal resources, and harness expertise to provide impetus to NEPAD’s objectives. The Council has engaged, lobbied and collaborated with various private sector, non­profit and governmental organisations, in an effort to advance Africa’s healthcare, business, science and technology sectors.

NEPAD Council now seeks to expand and strengthen its presence in Africa. The Council is looking for individuals who are pro­active, forward thinking, talented and passionate about Africa’s development.

The NEPAD Council is made up of highly skilled, dedicated individuals from Africa and the Diaspora, who volunteer their time and expertise. As a council member you will be involved in decision making and execution of council initiatives, you may also be called upon to represent the NEPAD Council in various forums.

We invite you to apply. To be considered, please send your full CV and a letter of motivation to

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